Gift Ideas for Handgun Lovers

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August 3, 2017

Gift Ideas for Handgun Lovers

We want to step away from our usual handgun safety articles to provide something more lighthearted: a present guide. We hope you find this useful and enjoyable.

Shopping for anyone during the holidays brings some level of stress. You have so many presents to buy, and you are starting to run out of gift ideas. To help you with those gun lovers in your life, we developed a list of the best presents to buy for them.

Trips to the Shooting Range

Use your local business directory to find a shooting range nearby. Pay all membership fees, get all required documents, and take any classes offered. Volunteer to visit the shooting range with your friend, which could bond you two even more.

The shooting range allows your friend to get better at handling a firearm as well as learning the proper technique and manner to fire a handgun. Membership costs and requirements vary by location, but aim to purchase membership for at least six months to a year.

Gun Inspired Fashion and Beauty

Long gone is the stereotype that men are the only ones allowed to use and enjoy handguns. Women can shoot with the best of them. Buy her some fashionable items that represents her love for guns. Big purses are a great choice because they function as a device to carry everyday items, and to conceal handguns that may be carried for self-defense. A more unique and fashionable choice is to buy her something from the Juliette Has a Gun collection.

Sephora carries over 20 items in this collection, which includes basic perfumes, eyeshadows, and lotions. One fun item featured in the 2017 Juliette Has a Gun collection is a bullet shaped perfume. Any gun lover would get a kick out of this fun design.

To save on this item, use Sephora Groupon coupons when finalizing a purchase.

Shooting Range Earmuffs

We’re not just talking about standard shooting range ear muffs but the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff. These ear muffs come in six different colors and four different packs. The Howard Leight Sport sound earmuff costs about $44 for a single pack.

A few of its features include a built-in microphone, a cable that allows you to connect them to phone or mp3 player, and automatic adjusting sound features that alter amplification to match environment.

First Person Shooter Games

These games allow you to express your imagination by creating adventures like saving the world from zombie apocalypse and taking down criminals. These games help gun lovers relax and have fun, but also practice their aim precision.

Tech Adviser provides a list of the best first person shooter game. Use it as a starting point to find some games for your gun loving friend.

Art Inspire by Guns

Artists are no strangers to using guns to create artistic expression. Therefore, you can find a wide selection of paintings and photos inspired by guns. Decide the medium that you want to see the art (e.g. Sculpture, photographs, paintings, etc.), and then use sites like Etsy to find some creative options.

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