What are the products and services offered by Amazon?

Amazon has many products to offer which you can buy online from their website. You can buy clothes, games, mobiles, accessories, books, DVD, software, baby care product, beauty product, gourmet foods, groceries and health care products. They are also listed on the stock exchange having their substantial shareholding under AMZN (AMZN stock).

Amazon has also opened a store in San Francisco, CA, so that they can ship in alcohol and also beer at the same time to supply to the people.

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Here are the service and product offered by Amazon:-

  • Amazon Fresh:- This is a service offered by Amazon in which they give their customers who want groceries delivered to their home straight from a fresh vegetable farm or a vegetable vendor.
  • Amazon Prime:- In this product, you can stream any movies or web series that had been launched on the website or you can even gene a prime delivery which is very fast like one-day delivery etc.
  • Alexa:-Alexa is an intelligent AI created by Amazon so that they can help their customers to find anything they want on the internet just by talking to it and not doing extra work by getting up and taking a gadget and searching for it to make your life easy.
  • Kindle:- This was launched by Amazon so that you can just read the books while staying at home after paying a small amount for it and owning the book forever digitally.
  • Fire TV:- This was made so that even the normal TV’s can connect to the internet and you will be able to see movies as well as web series online using the fire TV stick or box.
  • Music:- Amazon has also launched music where people can listen to music as well as they can download the music at any time they want to by just paying a small amount of money.
  •  Amazon digital game store:- This is a place where gamers can come and check out the different games that are available and can buy these game at a lower price than usual market price.
  • Echo:- Echo are the small speakers launched by Amazon which has the inbuilt AI Alexa inside it and also you can do multitask with it like you can listen to music as well as you can tell Alexa to search the web for something you are looking for.
  •  Fire tablets:- There tablets were created so that you can view any movie and web series by using the Amazon prime subscription provided with the tablet.

You can check its balance sheet at https://www.webull.com/balance-sheet/nasdaq-amzn before buying the amazon stock.